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Learning How To Stay Calm When You Are Disrespected Is A Superpower

Have you ever been in an intense situation where you are disrespected and lost your temper? Tried to stay calm but were unable to control the situation? Your blood pressure rockets, and you feel a fire spark inside you. Well, you are not the only one. At times you wish you could hit a reset button and delete the argument. Well, you might not have a reset button, but you do have a pause button. It is definitely a superpower to stay calm when you are disrespected. A normal human would react to such a situation with revenge and anger. However, this is not the right way to deal. Instead, you must follow some techniques to help you stay calm and deal with it positively.


Do you realize that by just stepping away from a disrespectful conversation, you can eventually help in ending up the argument? Believe it or not, uncontrolled anger can have an adverse effect on your health and relationships. If things get heated up as someone passes a disrespectful comment, it is better to step away. Sometimes it is important to get some space to prevent an outburst. To avoid such disrespectful situations, you can set boundaries. Refraining from interacting with people who might disrespect you helps control or prevent an outburst. But the simplest you can do is, ‘let it go!’ 


“When you surround your mind with positive thoughts, your life will start to change.” By having a positive approach towards things, you would display better resilience. If someone disrespects you, try to stay positive. Think from a different perspective and analyze the situation. Try to take this disrespect constructively and accept criticism, understand other’s point of view and imagine yourself in the same situation. How would you react to it? 
You can bring out positivity in yourself by practicing positive self-talk, being around positive people and ignoring negative thoughts.


Managing your anger doesn’t mean that you are never supposed to get angry. Anger is a healthy expressive emotion and only worsens if it leads to aggressive behavior. Relaxation Skills are your savior in situations where your temper flares and things get out of your hand. These skills include practicing deep breathing and repeating a calming phrase, for example, “take it easy” or “All is well.” Play some relaxing music, and relax your muscle by doing exercises or yoga. Start counting down to normalize your breath rate and control your anger.



Have you ever paid attention to the famous quote, “learning to ignore things is one of the great paths to inner peace”? Well, honestly speaking, you can surely make your life easy by ignoring the little things that cause big problems in your life. You can do this by not taking things personally. It is not necessary to take revenge or start an argument. Sometimes you need to ignore things. Arguing does not change things but worsens the situation. 


Have you ever experienced that you feel better when you divert your attention and engage yourself in other activities? Distraction, in simple words, is any activity that helps redirect your mind off the current emotions. This could be done by taking a walk, thinking about something else, utilizing your time usefully, and keeping yourself busy, so you do not get time to think about the bad moments. Even if someone is arguing with you, try to change the topic and get over the negativity. Thus reset your attention to something else.


Anger management issues cannot just go away in a day. It is impossible to learn to stay calm in a situation immediately. Are you one of those people who have tried every possible way from your side but still struggling to tame your temper and control your anger? Then you might need professional help. Seeking help from a therapist or counselor is one of the most suitable options. Try reaching out to a friend and express your thoughts. Discuss the matter and release the burden off your heart. This would definitely help you calm down. A good friend understands you the best and can suggest a solution to control your anger.


Therefore, if you want inner peace and stay away from arguments, you must learn to stay calm. Remember that the change starts with you. You need to figure out the best possible way that keeps yourself calm. You know yourself the most. Thus, it is you who can help yourself.

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