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How To Fix Money

Did you ever wonder why you are short of money at the end of the month? Don’t worry; you are not alone. Money has always been the main motive for everyone and is the essential requirement for survival. However, it takes a month to earn your salary, but you can literally spend all of it within seconds. Now just a question, do you think you are spending your money the right way? Have you ever felt guilty after spending? Below are some of the ways you are wasting money and how to solve many problems in life that are caused by it? 

Overspending on things you do not need:

Do you ever get shocked when checking your credit card bill and realizing that the expensive showpiece you bought has now got you in debt? Overspending is mainly because you use a credit card. For example, your salary is $100, but you feel like having a lavish dinner at the end of the month. This leads to having an expenditure of more than $100 because you rely on the credit facility. This has a psychological impact on your brain and urges you to spend more than you earn. Well, it’s high time now that you should focus on the ways you can get out of debt. Firstly, you should stick to cash or debit cards and not rely on credit cards. You also need to set a budget and spend within it. Just promise yourself not to exceed the set limit. 

Marketing strategies that trigger your shopping experience:

How regularly do you visit the market to buy a single thing that you need but bring a trolley full of things to the cashier? Do you ever realize how the marketing tactics like sales, promotional offers, coupons, and lucky draw entry after a certain amount of shopping cause you to over-shop? People believe that chasing the biggest sale will save you a lot of money. Tag lines like Buy 2 get 1 free, or up to 70% discount excites you and convinces you to overspend. For example, an item that usually costs $150 is less tempting to customers than an item that costs $300 with 50% off as people think they have saved more. Charm prices like $999 instead of $1000 are used to trick you and play with your brain psychologically. If you continue to get convinced by these strategies, it will get difficult to get out of debt. You must prove to be mindful and rational while shopping. When buying, you should question yourself do you really need this? Does it have an opportunity cost? Only buy if it’s worth it. 

Brand Consciousness: 

Do you ever get things you don’t really like but buy them because they are of a well-known brand? You want to look socially acceptable and love to hear compliments on your latest Gucci bag and Rolex watch that you are showing off. Brand consciousness has proved to be the main clue to wasting money. This takes you to a point where it seems impossible to get out of debt. However, you can do this by focusing on how to solve many problems in life. Firstly, you can set financial goals. For example, set a certain expenditure for each need. Make sure you have SMART goals. Maintain a proper journal where you can keep track of your expenses. Try to find cheaper alternatives and search for good deals. Don’t possess an irrational approach towards brands. 

Easier options are often expensive:

How often do you order food instead of cooking because it’s easier? Call someone for home services rather than doing it yourself? This is how you waste money. The simplest solution is to learn to do things by yourself and save money. That certain amount that you save can be invested in something profitable. 

Unnecessary subscriptions, insurance, and memberships:

It is a serious clue that you are wasting money on subscriptions, insurance, and memberships that you no longer use. You bought a subscription for one-time use but are still paying for it, insurance you didn’t require but were convinced by the offer. Gym membership you took but just went for one day. Have you ever calculated how these miscellaneous expenses contribute to a major part of money wasted? Here’s how you can save that money. You need to unsubscribe from websites you no longer use, subscribe for sharing options, and choose memberships only if you are willing to avail. 


Earning money requires hours of hard work and patience. Sometimes you even work extra hours to meet your expenses. Every penny counts; hence these minor changes can make a major difference to your wallet. Money is an important asset. It may not buy happiness for you, but it is essential for survival. Thus, it is very important to value money and make sure you do not waste it. “Save money, and money will save you!”

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